Robert Davood - Assyria

  • Artist: Robert Davood
  • Song: Assyria
  • Year: 2003
  • Album: Unknown
  • Track: Unknown
  • Lyrics by: Unknown
  • Music by: Unknown
your eyes speak a secret language pure like water
as ancient as faith and unknown in world
it is what my skin craves to hear promises spoken
through your hands in my hair tracing my back
and coming to rest in my own hands like tonight
your eyes teach they beg and demand celebrate joy
and worry about tomorrow in their wisdom
i am only a man
cursed with a man's doubts
so unwillingly i must ask
what brings your eyes here?
and what intimacies are held in them
there is so much i mistrust
in all of the world
truth and love are among those victims
but i will not hesistste
when your patient eyes
traveling my geometries
stop to listen for truth about my heart
and come back to me
like my ancient language
so new surveying
incrust a smidgen glebe
there is my spot and your manor there is assyria